Salty, Savory, Sweet, What do I recommend?

This is simply a look into the things I use the most to achieve the flavors of my life.
Here are two examples of how I use them to create!

Dairy Free Cream of Asparagus and Roasted Pepper Soup

Make Your Own Flavored Syrup!

I love salt. There are always two or three types in my spice rack.
The standard all purpose choice for me is Kosher Salt, I like the course grind.Photo of pink salt crystals
My second choice is Himalayan Pink Salt, one of the purest salts available. This amazing salt has crystals colored from off-white to a deep pink, which is due to it containing 84 trace elements & iron. The benefits are endless.
There are many kinds, you can find them easily on the web or even in some local grocery stores.

This is easy, I’ve never met a dish that couldn’t use some more garlic.
I’ve found uses for every herb or spice you can think of, but my epiphany
was to flavor with a minimum of them. It’s that simple.

In a word, Yummy! That about sums it up- just kidding.
For me, using processed white conglomo sugar is not an option. I prefer more
natural alternatives. photo of african muscovado sugarWe use Evaporated Cane Juice in place of the white stuff. and a wonderful
African variety called Muscovado Sugar
instead of brown sugar. It is much better tasting.

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