Want to know where to get the best coffee in Vancouver, WA

Believe that I have tried most to all coffee houses in this city.
There are a few that are good, and even a couple that are great,
but only one that is my favorite, and it’s for good reasons.

Compass Coffee Roasters.

  • They roast their own beans, well.
  • Their baristas are trained and knowledgeable.
  • It’s the best coffee in town!

Follow the map, it ends in coffee paradise.

Here are some words and pictures

I am Steve, I am an old guy in my children’s opinions. We are a tribe from Vancouver, WA. I am a student in the Web Development program at Clark College, I really enjoy it.  Picture of Steve MillerI am training for a new path in life now, one that stimulates the creative spirit in me. I anxiously observe the horizon in anticipation of what the future holds for my family

Tattoo of the muppet "Animal"

I try to do things with my time here that will enrich my legacy, not cause a sneer when I’m remembered. I appreciate good food, I love to cook for people and observe their reaction to my creations. I love it when they love it! That said, I am influenced by many people and things. I attribute my beginning in music to “The Muppet Show”, more specifically, Animal. He is the reason I wanted to play drums when I was young, and so I did.

I don’t really have hobbies, I take more than a casual interest in everything I do or it likely falls to the wayside. I have dabbled in many things, achieved a working knowledge of it and moved to the next flight of fancy. I have remained however, rooted in music and gastronomic creation.

Sweet Song Gourmet Creations promo card

My passion for soups, sauces, metal music, and community service is only surpassed by my love for my wife and family. Oh yeah, I’m a momma’s boy too.  My mother is the coolest, period. I got my artistic nature from her and for that I am very thankful.


Power Ties, by the Raging Hormones: Written by Stephen Miller & Dan Miller

This is a song I wrote with a great friend and band mate around 1992. My young, angsty, and anti-corporate anthem lyrics and musical writing style are all over this. It takes me back.
This was when the spirit of doing things that mattered was beginning to smolder, and now It has become a constant flame. Now I know that I can matter the most in the world immediately around me first. I can change me, We can change the world!

Making WHAT matter?

In a nutshell, everything.

This blog is my, and hopefully our, journey to draw lines between the things in life that matter to us. There is already a line being drawn between us as you read this. I wish to define the connections made inside me by the things in life that move my mountains, my passions, and the people I love.

How about you?

So I guess the question is, what matters?

THAT is where we begin.

So this is one part of it..

We begin by leaving the conventional and acceptable at the door.

Next comes the desire to create somthing new, using ingredients or processes that are equally new. Let’s Go!


Hawaiian Black Salted Sogrhum Syrup

1 cup of evaporated cane juice

1 cup of filtered water

1/4 teaspoon Hawaiian Black Salt

1/4 cup pure Sogrhum syrup

Heat the sugar and water until all the sugar is disolved, then cook for one more minute.

Add the salt, and stir in the Sogrhum slowly.

Turn off the burner, let cool, brush on to grilled meat and carmelize!

Can also be used in drinks and just about anything else you can think of, be brave!